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Features & Benefits

Most people don't sign up to 1000 different services like us tech mad folks, they take time to read the emails they get. Get 10,000+ to fire up growth.

Verified emails warchest

We find emails by directly validating them against servers. We've had people build up 40,000+ emails with a successful send rate of 97%. It's rocket fuel for growth.

Alternate emails

This is a powerful recent addition. If we can't find and validate an email, we may be able to show you up to 100 alternate emails from within that company.

Unlimited Catchalls

Some domains have catchalls in which case you can send an email to e.g. info@domain.com and it will go to the owner. There is no limit to catchalls returned and they're free.

CSV upload and storage

Upload multiple csv files of anything up to 50,000 rows and we will return results. We also store results so you can download them at any time.

Avoid duplicate irritation

You don't want to risk sending emails to the same people twice so we filter out duplicates across all files you process. This is a much loved feature.

Confirm it works for free

If you want to feel sure it all works, you don't need a credit card. Click to sign up and run a test. You get 20 verified emails and 20 alternates for free.

What people are saying

This pays for itself faster than any other product because email is still the number one way for a company like ours to make money. Everything else (blog posts etc) is far less effective as people in our industry primarily use email.

— Saket Gautam,

We fed in a csv sheet of twitter followers we were interested in (downloaded using followerwonk) and MakesMail returned the sheet with emails attached. One of simplest and best tools for making regular B2B sales.

— Rory,

It doesn't need any technical knowledge. It finds and displays emails which is the core purpose (amazing to see) but it also makes it really simple to send them through gmail with a template. Click, send. No need for MailChimp although it is still an option.

— Stephen Hau,
(tagbento.com is in dev)

Raw Screenshots

  1. Use a tool like FollowerWonk to find ideal names and domains
    You can download 50,000+ from each @ twitter account

  2. Upload that file to MakesMail
    MakesMail processes 500 rows per hour

  3. MakesMail finds and verifies emails
    We directly validate that each email exists, this is why it takes time

  4. Download the results file
    The file contains primary, alternative and catchall emails


How would you use it?

1. First ask 'Who do your target customers follow on Twitter?'

If you're selling rental insurance then you want to download AirBnB's followers

2. What tools can you use to download those followers?

Use Followerwonk.com or BirdSongAnalytics.com

3. Upload that file to MakesMail and get email addresses back

A file of 50,000 can generate anywhere from 2,000 to 10,000 email addresses

A. Get a file with name and domain

B. Upload to MakesMail

C. Download a file with emails

4. Download your results file

The download contains the verified emails, the alternate emails and the catchalls.

5. Upload into a tool like toutapp.com

It's easy to send emails using tools like toutapp.com. (We're playing with it currently, it has templates, stats and installs into gmail. 2 week free trial)

6. Repeat with different groups of people

It's useful to test across different groups for the best response.

Can I send cold emails? Yes

You CAN ‘cold email’ individuals at business addresses PROVIDED that your promotion is a BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS promotion RELATED to their work

You CANNOT ‘cold email’ consumers – i.e. private individuals

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